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Watch Out! Children's Mental Health is Disturbed by Strict Parents
03 Apr 2024
Watch Out! Children's Mental Health is Disturbed by Strict Parents
03 Apr 2024

The period of growing up is the golden age for children to get to know many things. Unfortunately, this can be limited because of strict parents. So the child's freedom is restricted.

Even though these times are the right times to explore this world. There are many things that children need to know in the world out there. Including getting to know more of his friends.

A Glimpse into Getting to Know Strict Parents, the Importance of Knowing This

Restrictions on the scope of play and learning are related to many things, where parents play a big role in regulating them as the main perpetrators are called strict parents. Your father's and mother's personal experiences can make you an authoritarian parent.

The high level of worry that fathers and mothers have for their children makes them adopt authoritarian and overprotective parenting methods. Basically the aim is good, namely protecting the safety of children from the evil of the outside world. For example, kidnapping. This gives rise to reasons that become the highest fear and other goals to make children into dolls.

Even though this type of parenting is quite good, unfortunately, as time goes by, this type of parenting system is not appropriate for those living in today's modern world. Moreover, nowadays many new things are emerging, for example advances in technology, it is important for children to know about them.

However, their father and mother limited their curiosity. This makes them mentally disturbed. Pressure interferes with their lives so they are not free to learn about the outside world and how to use technology. This makes children less social.

Apart from that, there are also other dangers to children's mental development, such as:

  1. Lack of confidence
    Strict parents make children restrained and make it difficult to develop their talents. So this causes children not to know their potential. There is a feeling of lack of self-confidence, because the child is not sure he can do it because of his ignorance.

    Authoritarian fathers and mothers control everything their children do. They cannot show their potential. He is required to carry out activities according to the orders of his father and mother, so he does not do what they like.

    Their minds are full of doubts when they have to show their talents because they are required to show their parents' chosen talents. Not a talent that is desired or according to his pleasure.

  2. Disruption of communication between father and mother and children
    Authoritarian parenting methods prevent children from freely expressing their opinions and making their own decisions. Children must obey the rules of their father and mother and must not make any mistakes at all.

    The strained relationship between the child and the father, as well as the mother, can occur due to authoritarian parenting, resulting in the child becoming stiff, cold and resentful of both parents.

    In fact, there is a tendency for children to be more comfortable living with friends. The problem is that parents are unable to provide comfort in the family. The authoritarian attitude of the father and mother can have a stressful impact.

  3. The desire to go against father's and mother's rules is quite high
    Religious ethics and culture provide rules that arguing against and opposing fathers and mothers is prohibited. However, the greater the desire to fight against one's parents becomes, the greater one is raised with authoritarian parenting by one's father and mother.

    Because the authoritarian attitude of parents makes children depressed. So you want to break every existing limitation. Therefore, the feeling of wanting to fight against parents is very great when they are scolded.

    Anyone who feels depressed or stressed wants to scream to express their emotions. Thus, a person can become emotional if he is continuously pressured. This creates a big incentive to disobey.

  4. Uncontrolled emotions
    As great imitators of their parents, children tend to act authoritarian. If their parents act authoritarian, children will behave the same as their parents because they cannot control their emotions.

    Because all of that can happen because of imitating his parents. So children tend to be rude and only want to follow their hearts. Some children are even willing to run away from home because they cannot stand emotional parents.

    Uncontrolled emotions cause children to act brutally because they feel their parents are too restrictive. Even though at a child's age, they should have more play time. So that children are more open to things.

  5. It's difficult to be independent
    Parents who always supervise and control their children can make children less independent. Even their privacy is disturbed if their parents always follow them.

    Try to free up some space once in a while, so you can train yourself to be independent. Food and clothing matters should be done by yourself. In order to be able to manage and train independence that has a big impact.

    Teach them to cook so that when their parents leave, they can cook their own food. Especially cooking his favorite food. So that children are independent without feeling pressured.

The Positive Side of the Strict Parenting Method

This way of parenting is harmful to children's mental health, but there is a positive side too. Because you need to know discipline. Life is not always as free as we want and we must know that there are rules that must be obeyed, especially regarding time.

Children need to learn proper discipline so they can behave politely and politely. You may not teach them discipline from an early age, so be prepared to form a selfish personality, they will do whatever they want. Don't know what is good and bad. Not paying attention to time, breaking promises, and always arriving late.

If this continues, the child will grow up to be a person whose wishes must be obeyed and obeyed because of a lack of discipline. This can also make children less independent and have no rules for socializing.

So in the end it creates an attitude that doesn't respect time. This matter of time is very important to be used as provision in life. This is a small part of the positive things about authoritarian parenting.

Fathers and mothers who adopt authoritarian parenting methods become stiff, cold, and do not like the desire to develop. Because everything felt foreign to him.