For Those Who Want

Starting a Career
Future protection for those who just starting a career.
Maintaining health
Health protection that is suitable for you and your loved ones.
Protection & Investment
Optimal life protection complete with flexible investment alternatives.
Planning Children's Education
Plan your child's education fund before inflation strikes.
Relax in the Old Age
Preparation for your old age start now.
Protecting Employees (Group)
Provide a sense of security for employees with proper protection.
Sharia Protection
Optimal protection based on sharia principles.
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Do you want to prepare funds for your child's education or for old age?
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Various Conveniences For
You Who Are Productive and Dynamic

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"The Pandai Plus benefits are just right for protecting all my activities"

Ananda Berliana
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"With Bella, I can chat and get product recommendations that suit both of our needs"

Mieke Andriani
BNI Life Customer

A complete product with optimal benefits, as well as affordable premiums and auto debit

Eddy Soegoto
BNI Life customers

BNI Life always shows its commitment to customers.


The service is good, my various protection needs are also well met

Yusdiana Mora Sapiie
BNI Life customers

BNI Life products do not only focus on insurance benefits but also investments, services and convenience in transactions

Riki Firmandha
BNI Life customers
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