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Promo 15 Nov 2022
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Terms &Conditions of Sharia Customer Precious Metals Program:

  1. Customers are entitled to get Precious Metals 0.5 gr to 3.0 gr for every purchase of products as follows:
  • BNI Life Hy End Pro Syariah
  • BNI Life Sakinah Investa Link

           With a certain minimum contribution nominal according to the provisions of BNI Life. Provisions related to the minimum contribution can be obtained through a Bancassurance Specialist at the BSI Branch.  

  1. The policy that counts in this program is the policy issued during the contest period
  2. Customers who agree to join this program are required to fill out a Statement Letter regarding program participation
  3. Taxes borne by the winner
  4. Program period until 30 November 2022