Solusi Pintar
Solusi Pintar

Mengapa Solusi Pintar

Solusi Pintar Insurance is an insurance that aims to prepare your child's education by providing education funding benefits from elementary school to university. BNI Life's Solusi Pintar provides life protection benefits that can also be added with riders (additional insurance) such as personal accidents, term life, and personal health.

Manfaat Program

Education Fund

Guaranteed Education Funds at all levels of education from elementary to tertiary institutions.

Death Benefit

If the Insured dies within the insurance period and the policy is still valid, the beneficiary will be paid 100% of the Sum Insured, the policy is premium-free and the Education Fund will still be paid as scheduled.


Personal Accident, Term Life dan Personal Health.

Syarat Kepesertaan

Entry Age

Insured: Minimum 20 years, maximum 55 years (entry age + MPP does not exceed 65 years). Child: 0-9 years.

Insurance Period

During the Premium Payment Period (MPP). Premium Payment Period Options: 9 to 17 years and maximum up to the age of the Insured 65 years.

Premium Payment

Flexible premium payment options whether monthly, quarterly, semesterly or annually.

Product Info

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