Optima Group Saving.
Optima Group Saving.

Mengapa Optima Group Saving.

Optima Group Savings provides planning and management solutions for retirement funds that combine elements of life insurance protection and investment for company employees.



Keunggulan Program


Group Insurance which is a savings account for old age and retirement.

Premiums are Adjustable

Premiums or fees can be adjusted according to company policy.

Manfaat Program

Life Benefits

The lump sum payment is the amount of accumulated funds and their development results when the participant reaches retirement age.

Death Benefits

If the participant dies before entering retirement age, the benefits obtained are accumulated funds along with the results of their development plus a bereavement compensation of IDR 7,500,000 per individual.

Syarat Kepesertaan


Minimum 10 Participants.

Insurance Period

The insurance period is the same (employee entry age-retirement age) or until the employee/insured stops working/passes away.

Premi Payment Method

Premium payment methods or initial contributions are monthly, quarterly, semester, and annually.

Product Info

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