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Tips for Having Quality Time with Children
07 Mar 2023
Tips for Having Quality Time with Children
07 Mar 2023

Having busy work often makes a person forget about important things that are personal including family, it is the demands of work that make parents rarely spend a lot of time with their children for that, don't let this drag on, because the presence of parents is very important in the effective growth and development of the baby.

Here are tips that parents who work in an office can do to have time with their children:

1. Make a Schedule

By making a schedule, parents can arrange the right time to spend time with their children, as simple as determining what time the father and mother are at home with the children or it can be by determining fun activities that can be done on weekends.

2. Taking With Children

In busyness, parents need to set aside time to ask questions about their children's daily activities. Parents can ask about what children learn at school, what activities the child currently enjoys, and where he plays with his friends. That way parents can still maintain closeness with children and children also feel cared for by their parents.

3. Arrange a Schedule of Activities for Children

Currently, many parents send their children to tutoring places or sports groups, apart from being able to increase competence for children, this is also done by parents so that children can spend time well, of course, this is permissible to do, but parents need to know that if children who are too busy, especially on weekends, will make parents lose more and more opportunities with children.

4. Utilizing Free Time

It is better if the father and mother have work in the office that can be completed before going home so that when they get home there is no more office work and of course, they can set aside time with their children.

5. Create Routines

Routines that can be done don't need to be done outside the home, small activities that can be done at home can be a valuable memory for children. To become a routine, make sure people do these activities consistently.