Property Investment without Capital
08 Nov 2022
Property Investment without Capital
08 Nov 2022

Is there a way to invest in property without capital? The answer, of course there is. The main keys are 3 (three), strong intention, smart to read prospects and take advantage of opportunities.

There is no doubt that property is a lucrative investment business. According to research from global real estate agency Savills “home prices will rise 13.1 percent over the next four years, and rents in urban areas are expected to bounce back when life returns to normal.”

Here are 5 tips for investing in property without capital:

  1. Create a Business Research Plan

For those of you who do not have capital, there is no need to worry as long as you can make a mature business plan. With a business plan, you can attract investors. This is done by conducting business research related to potential properties for investment and attractive to investors. The research must include location, target market, regional development, access, transportation facilities, supporting facilities, marketing strategies, and of course competitive prices with competitors. The results of this research become a business proposal for you to offer to partners or potential investors.


  1. Find Potential Investors

How to invest in property without capital can be done by looking for partners or potential investors.

This can be started by diligently visiting housing locations, property exhibitions, and getting acquainted with sellers and offering cooperation. If the proposal you offer succeeds in attracting partners or investors, then the next step to take is to find buyers through friends, family, relatives, to  social media.


  1. Take Advantage of Relations and Social Media

Leveraging your network of relationships and social media is one of the main keys to doing business, including property investment. For example, many influencers use their social media to market endorsed goods. You can also apply this by taking advantage of your relationships in the family, relatives, friends, to networks on social media to attract buyers of the property that you will work on with partners. But this is where your credibility will be at stake, so don't just promote but convince potential buyers that the property they are going to buy has more value and is in accordance with their needs. If this is successfully implemented, the property marketing that you have done will result in down payments or early payments from buyers that can be used as your capital to invest in property.


  1. Marketing Strategy

A marketing strategy is needed when marketing property investment, especially if you use social media so you don't get entangled with fraudsters or even people who can take your business field. For that, you need an accurate marketing strategy so that you can market your property and get buyers by safely utilizing the broad social medical platform. One way is not to include the seller's number and you should include your contact number so that potential buyers can contact you directly.


  1. Cooperating with Home Developers

The last thing you can do in starting a property business is to become a specialist in selling secondary or used properties by inviting developers to work together. Here you will help developers to market their property products. Fees from the results of marketing this property can be your source of funds to invest in property.