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Wise In Managing A Digital Wallet
29 Dec 2022
Wise In Managing A Digital Wallet
29 Dec 2022

The existence of a digital wallet or e-wallet service does offer convenience for us. Moreover, now there are many offline merchants that accept payments via digital wallets. As a result, the number of digital wallet users continues to increase from time to time. But if we can't manage our digital wallet properly, like two blades, because the convenience of a digital wallet risks making us go crazy when shopping.

To anticipate uncontrolled spending, here are wise tips for managing digital wallets:

1.    Set a Budget on Your Digital Wallet
To avoid wastage, you need to set a budget for your digital wallet. You need to determine in advance how much your digital wallet budget will be in a month, for example IDR 500,000. For those of you who like to shop, try to be more careful and "alert" when setting a budget. The bigger the e-wallet budget, the more you want to buy.

2.    Use sparingly
In order not to be wasteful, you should use a digital wallet when needed. Also specify what your digital wallet is used for; whether just paying for transportation online or paying monthly bills.

3.    Avoid All E-Wallet Transactions Simultaneously
Especially for those of you who have more than one e-wallet, you should avoid using them simultaneously. This can lead to waste. In practice, there will be a desire to make a purchase due to the large number of digital wallets you have.

4.    Limit Top Up Balance
The amount of this balance is your spending limit for a month. In order to control spending, you should not top up your digital wallet more than once a month. Because the habit of topping up when needed will make you more consumptive.

5.    Avoid Using PayLater
The Paylater feature is actually very useful when your digital wallet balance is dying. However, the problem is that there is an administration fee of 2-5% that you have to bear when using this feature. If it's not an urgent need, you should avoid this one feature.

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