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Here's How to Overcome Game Addiction in Children
10 Nov 2022
Here's How to Overcome Game Addiction in Children
10 Nov 2022

The development of the times and technological advances have resulted in various kinds of game devices that are popular with children, such as game tabs, game consoles, portable game consoles, and online games.

Playing games is one way to entertain yourself, reduce stress or boredom. In general, children play games to fill their spare time all day playing games because games have an interesting visual appeal.

Games actually have a positive impact on children, namely training brain concentration and cohesiveness, as well as training hand-eye coordination. However, game has a negative impact on children, i.e. reduced eye health, disorders of the brain that can cause addiction. Therefore, this should be prevented so that children do not become addicted to playing games.

Here are Tips for Overcoming Game Addiction in Children.


1. Inviting Healthy Physical Activities

The role of parents is very important to maintain children's health, it can be through inviting children to do physical activities such as light exercise, teaching children to paint or draw, playing musical instruments, swimming, etc.

2. Divert Children's Attention from Games

Parents can divert attention by inviting their children to play outside the house, taking them to the park, making cakes, watching their children's favorite movies, etc. By diverting children's attention, they can reduce the game addiction experienced by children.

3. Limit and Set Game Playing Schedule

Limiting game time for children can be done by telling children how many hours they have to play games, or by placing an alarm near a computer or television so that children know how many minutes or hours are left to play. And if the child exceeds the time limit for playing, parents can reduce the time playing games the next day.

4. Lock the Gadget and Put it in a Hidden Place

Gadgets that are used by children to play games should be placed where they are not easily accessible by children and make sure the gadget is locked or has a password activated, so that children do not easily open the gadget.

5. Invite Children to Socialize

Parents can invite children to socialize by inviting them to play at a friend's house, playing at a relative's house or grandmother's house, and taking them to public places so that children know about a social environment that they have never seen.


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